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After over four years as an Associate Municipal Judge with the Englewood Municipal Court, I have the experience, independence, and integrity required to manage a truly fair and impartial community court.

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I have served as Associate Municipal Judge with the Englewood Municipal Court for over four years.  As an experienced judge, I have managed every aspect of court operations.  This includes presiding over jury and bench trials, giving proper advisements to defendants, setting appropriate bonds, and imposing fair and consistent sentences.  Sentencing options include jail and fines, but also community service, classes, counseling, and restitution.  For juveniles, sentences usually include reporting on school grades and attendance during a period of probation.  Judges in this court make dozens of difficult decisions each day, each requiring expertise learned with experience and over time.

In my career, I have worked as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney with the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s office on prisoner litigation and appeals, as a litigation attorney in private practice, and as a county hearings officer.


The municipal judge position is not a policy-making or political position.  Judges follow the laws made by the other branches of government.  This requires careful study and analysis.  It requires confident and timely decision-making.  I do not shy away from difficult decisions.  I sentence defendants to jail when it is appropriate, and I acquit when the prosecutor does not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.


Maintaining a fair and impartial process is the judge’s most important job.  That means a judge must uphold and promote impartiality and integrity inside and outside the courtroom.  I have dedicated my career to the practice of law.  As an attorney I represent my clients zealously while also fulfilling my duties of fairness and civility to opponents.  As a judge I take very seriously my obligations to protect the rights of all who appear before me, to enhance public safety, and to safeguard the rule of law.

I would be honored to have your vote for Englewood Municipal Judge.

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