John W. Smith, III, Colorado Attorney, Englewood Resident 

Jessica Luem, Englewood Resident

CJ Cullinan, Englewood Resident

Carin Ramirez, Colorado Attorney, Englewood Resident

Brenda Hubka, Englewood Resident

Tom Finn, Englewood Resident

I have known Angie since our daughters started kindergarten together at Charles Hay World School 8 years ago.  She loves living in this community and is dedicated to making it better place for all of us.  She has volunteered her time in the classroom, on school district and city-level advisory committees and has been a leader of my daughter’s girl scout troop for more than 7 years.  The troop has done many projects to improve our community and state, including raising money for flood relief and collecting backpacks for needy kids. As a judge she will be fair to all and will make careful and well-reasoned decisions.  Join me in supporting Angie for Judge!”  —Denise Marques, Englewood Resident

I worked with Angie Schmitz for over three years and her commanding intellect, demeanor and love of the law makes her an excellent choice for municipal judge.”  —Marie Drake, Colorado Attorney

“Angie is a thoughtful, diligent, and creative lawyer with a very pleasant demeanor. I have no doubt that she will be an excellent municipal judge.”  —Jennifer Madsen, Colorado Attorney

“Angie Schmitz is not only the one candidate in the race with judicial experience, but she also has years of experience as an associate judge in this court.  Angie is recognized as an excellent attorney among her peers, especially for her dedication to justice.” —Zoe Argento, Colorado Attorney

Susan O’Brien, Colorado Attorney

Gina Glockner, Colorado Attorney

Gillian Dale, Colorado Attorney

Jennifer England, Colorado Attorney

Monica Rosenbluth, Colorado Attorney

Amanda Upson, Colorado Attorney

Jenifer Ross-Amato, Colorado Attorney

Peg Perl, Colorado Attorney